The HDM is a shotgun manufacturer where is situated in Istanbul, İkitelli Industry Zone. Our company is specializing in designing of tactical & hunting shotguns and has been in firearms sector since 2005.  We manufacture high quality, reliable tactical & hunting shotguns according to TSE, SAAMI, CIP standarts. After extensive testings, the HDM shotguns are designed for use by civilian and security markets. 

Today, HDM performs exportation to a large geography from USA to South America, from Europe to far east countries. We would like to personally thank each of you for making the right choice by considering and selecting HDM products. High quality and reliable products with reasonable prices are always available at HDM.

At HDM, we also attribute great importance to the shooting sports and the environment and believe that hunters who use our products are helping to serve humanity by responsibly managing wildlife and habitat.

Our mission;

is to produce the products safely with high quality employing state-of-the-art technology, to make delivery promptly and accurately and always to emphasize the customer satisfaction with the spirit of a team with the environment, suppliers and employees.

Our vision;

is to be a firm that provides services with the newest and most comprehensive product range domestically and abroad, that realizes the most recent novel approaches using state-of-the-art technologies, that is mentioned for its quality products and timely service, that increases its sector share aiming profitability, that is innovative and creative, and that is successful with customer-focused approach and quality projects ensuring its permanence in the sector.

Quality Policy

Engaging in activities in the firearms sector, HDM has adopted;

* Operating in a systematic, professional and qualified manner and delivering the work promptly, without any defects and in conformity with the standards without any concessions from the principle of integrity in all its activities,

* Providing our customers with superior quality service and constantly enhancing customer satisfaction acting as one with our representatives and suppliers,

* Constantly rising the training levels of its employees and enhancing the in-house communication and productivity with the participation of the partners,

* Observing and permanently improving the terms of the Quality Management System,

* And emphasizing R&D with consistent novelties as the Quality Policy.


Thanks again for your interest, and we look forward to meeting with you soon.



Sümer Esgin

President & CEO

HDM Arms & Defense Ind.Co.,Ltd.