The HDM is the ultimate tactical magazine fed shotgun for the modern 3-gun competition shooters, tactical enthusiasts, and AR collectors. The HDM is a shotgun built on the AR body design that is ready to go, right out-of-the-box. 


The HDM is designed with the tactical and competition shooter in mind. This box magazine fed semi-auto shotgun has its sights aimed on speed and ease of use. Its frame is mostly polymer and therefore a lightweight choice for your tactical arsenal.


Being built on the AR body style this shotgun is a perfect match for AR style rifle users in 3 gun competitions. Having the same control layout as the ever popular AR-style rifle makes for a seamless transition to this shotgun, leaving nothing in the way of a great performance on the competition field.  


Overall, this is an impressive shotgun. It ran well with the most popular practice ammunition used by competitors and law enforcement. Its accuracy with slugs was excellent.


The HDM mag fed shotgun is a pretty solid choice for duty. It is easily as well equipped for patrol work as most of the other choices out there, so it’s definitely worth a close look if you are in the market for a semi-automatic shotgun.